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Solar Power Solutions & Stand-Alone Fast Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

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About Wiocor Energy

Wiocor Energy vision is the borrowing of ideas, mechanisms, and structures from nature to reach new heights in generating renewable and clean energy. Boosting research and development in this direction creates opportunities to maximize our knowledge and push technology forward in the preservation of the environment, the transformation from centralization to decentralization leading to energy independence, and the creation of an appropriate infrastructure to ensure protection from natural disasters.

Our mission is to research, develop and implement innovative and efficient solar power solutions based on three-dimensional photovoltaic (3DPV) solar towers. 3DPV solar tower solutions allow expanding the introduction of disaster-ready technologies in the context of climate change by creating energy independence and providing solar power supply of complex surfaces and areas with limited space, the remote facilities, islands, and floating platforms or cities, developing of fast and public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, improving the agriculture sector by efficient land use.

Innovative modular and scalable 3DPV technology opens up new possibilities towards Terawatt-scale solar energy generation.

3D Solar Towers

3DPV Solar Tower is a major breakthrough in solar energy generation

Nature-inspired vertical structures permit collection of solar energy in three dimensions and help to expand the number of places where clean, renewable solar power can be used effectively.

Significant improvement of energy generation compared to flat panels which provides an increase in the energy density by a factor of ~4–10 depending on the tower configuration and use of bifacial solar modules.

Solar towers are extremely efficient in densely inhabited urban environments, optimal for hilly and mountainous areas especially for countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Georgia, New Zealand and advantageous in the northern climates with less intensive solar exposure and long snow cover period in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland.

  • Simple, reliable and cost efficiency model
  • Produce more energy with fewer solar panels
  • Occupy less space and select the desired output power using modularity and compact design
  • Double the number of peak power generation hours
  • Track the Sun more efficiently and get solar energy generation at all latitudes
  • Dramatically reduce the seasonal, latitude, and weather variations of solar energy generation

The creation of the EV infrastructure and the promotion of energy-independent solutions for homes and businesses are key factors during the emergencies.

Solar Fast Charging Stations

Wiocor Energy solar-powered fast charging station solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) are being engineered for maximum autonomy and high performance.

Each station consists of three main elements: innovative 3D solar tower equipped with high-efficiency and performance bifacial solar panels, a high-output Leclanche battery energy storage system and ABB multi-standard fast charging station.

  • Create absolute energy independence without connecting to the power grid and scale your EV charging stations depending on required power needs due to the increase of your EV fleet or the increase in the number of electric cars on the roads.
  • Adding electric vehicles to your fleet can reduce fossil fuel use and emissions, and add to your overall energy efficiency.
  • Create your EV charging network or own sustainable car park with Wiocor Energy solar fast charging station. Such a solution is most effective for companies that have parking business or fleet of plug-in electric (PHEV) and all EVs as the taxi service providers, carsharing and delivery service, post offices and others.
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