DIY electric sailboat project


Conception and the main stages

And so, what is the challenge. We need a proper donor for such a conversion project, which further should be used for autonomous living for a family of three and high seas/offshore/coastal sailing.

In our case the most optimal would be to look for a 40ft mainstream fiberglass monohull with 3-4 cabins from 1985-1995 with a cost of around €34,000, and this could be a used boat as well as an abandoned boat for restoration. Here it is essential to keep in mind that restoration will take considerably more time and money, but for our case the main thing is the size. Also, a worn out or non-working diesel engine will work for us.

  • Certainly the fiberglass hull has several advantages in our case:
  • firstly the weight of the boat, taking into account that the installation of lithium batteries is considered;
  • secondly the possibility to use the hull surface for mounting and integrating solar cells, and
  • thirdly the clear layout of the interior space in a mainstream sailing boat. Accordingly, such a fiberglass boat should have no teak covering over the entire deck.


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