3DPV Solar Tower

Inspired by nature, the 3D solar tower configuration provides significant improvement of energy generation compared to flat panels, which is achieved due to the presence of multiple orientations of the absorbers that allow for the effective capture of off-peak sunlight, and the re-absorption of light reflected within the 3D structure.

Such optimal arrangement allows far better collection of more sunlight and produce far more power in situations where tradition arrangements are least effective - in the morning and evening hours when the angle of the sun is lower on the horizon without having to track the sun, in locations far from the equator, in winter, and in cloudy and overcast weather.


  • Ultra-efficient 3DPV design borrowed from nature to maximise the return on investment
  • Highest energy production with fewer solar panels
  • Additional energy boost from reflected and diffuse light, optimisation of investments and greatly reducing costs per kWh through the use of bifacial PV modules
  • Up to 10 times more energy per square meter than traditional flat arrays
  • Use of a smaller gross area through modularity and compactness
  • Easy installation on site
  • Doubling the number of peak power generation hours
  • Increase in solar energy generation through the efficient capture of off-peak sunlight and the light re-absorption
  • Dramatically reduce the seasonal, latitude, and weather variations of solar energy generation
  • More power production in the morning and evening, in cloudy and overcast and in winter

3D solar tower with bifacial solar panels and the light radiation (direct, reflected & diffuse)

3D solar towers are the most advantageous in the northern climates, where less intensive solar exposure can be optimised. Vertical surfaces of such tower can collect much more sunlight during mornings, evenings and in the winter, when the sun is closer to the horizon.

3D Solar Tower vs Flat comparison
Medium Home

PV modules, N
Flat Bifacial
3D Tower

For a 3-bedroom medium home with an electric car having an annual electricity consumption 6000kWh the flat solar system 5.5kW (22 panels x 250W) with the gross area of 36 sq m is selected which produces an average of 515kWh/month or 6180kWh/year.

Comparing the traditional one-sided system with the bifacial system to produce 6180kWh/year 16 modules (26 sq m) are enough, instead of 22. The energy yield of the bifacial solar system is 2.5 times greater and 30% savings on the number of modules used and the gross area required.

For considered example and under the same conditions, the benefits of solar towers enable the use of 6 bifacial modules on one tower instead of 22 one-sided solar modules installed in the flat case. Such tower requires much less space - 2.5 sq m and gets an increase in both the power output 5 times and the number of hours of peak power generation which extends between 2 hr after sunrise and until 2 hr before sunset.


Solar energy generation and storage technology provide reliable power at a predictable low rate that’s competitive with conventional generation.

3DPV solar towers are equipped with high-efficiency and performance bifacial solar panels and high-output Leclanché Battery Storage lowering expenses even further by reducing peak energy demand during the day when utilities charge a higher rate for your energy.

The solar tower has a modular design, where each module consists of two solar panels. This design allows rapid mounting and installation of towers of different capacities and the number of solar panels for various applications.

  • Residential: 4, 6, 10, 14
  • Business & Government: 10 and 14
  • Utility-Scale: 20

3D Solar Towers are the perfect choice for:

Areas with limited space

Places without the possibility to install horizontal systems and densely inhabited urban environments.

Complex surfaces

Buildings with complex architecture design or unadapted roof.

Hilly and mountainous areas & northern climate regions

Countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Georgia, New Zealand and Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland.

Remote areas

Off-grid solar power supply for remote villages, farms and industries.

EV charging & V2G solutions

Off-grid and on-grid solar-powered fast charging stations for electric vehicles. Smart charging and V2G solutions. Reusing EV batteries integrated with a solar tower system for grid storage.


Automated, bi-directional, on-demand transportation. Charging points for drone logistics system.

Bitcoin & Ethereum

Solar Bitcoin & Ethereum mining farms. Using solar energy to mitigate electrical costs associated with mining the decentralized cryptocurrency.

Research & military

A reliable off grid power supply for remote research and military facilities which provides an extra layer of redundancy and reduces the risk posed by blackouts and potential cyber-attacks.


Agrophotovoltaics (APV) systems in combination with agricultural land use.

Energy self-sufficient islands

The transition from fossil-fuel dependency towards self-sufficiency and the use of renewable energy generation for a stable and consistent supply of electricity at night or inclement weather.

Marine, rescue and military solutions

Shippable, micro and micro-mini portable renewable energy grid on the basis of folding 3D solar towers with integrated energy storage for rescue and military vehicles.

Floating platforms & vessels

Installing the standard or folding 3D solar towers on floating platforms, work and cargo vessels, rescue and naval vessels, super yachts and commercial vessels with a diesel-electric propulsion or full-electric propulsion system.

Accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future!

3D Solar Tower for Home

Build your 100% off-grid house

Wiocor Energy 3D solar tower with Leclanche battery storage helps to create an absolute independence without connecting to the power grid.

Innovative and high-output energy storage system allows you to store electricity generated by solar towers during the day and makes it available to your home in the evening.

3D solar tower gives you a dramatic improvement of solar energy generation compared to flat panels. Modular design of solar tower allows you to choose the power required and cost-effective solution depending on your needs. Wiocor Energy provides the solar tower solution for residential with 4, 6, 10, 14 bifacial solar panels installed.

  • Get more energy by 4-10 times more depending on the type of solar tower and geolocation
  • Use much less footprint than flat
  • Leave your roof free to save time and money by avoiding disassembling/assembling of flat panels for roof repair
  • Take control of your energy using energy storage and save more on your electric bill
  • Remove your dependency on electricity providers and future price increases
  • Enjoy a more power production in the morning and evening, in cloudy and overcast and in winter
  • Contribute to reducing CO2 emissions while saving money

3D Solar Tower for Business

Wiocor Energy intends to provide 3D solar tower solutions for businesses, municipalities, industrial companies and other organizations. For these purposes Wiocor Energy plans to develop solar towers with 10 and 14 bifacial solar panels.

Advantages for Business

In addition to highly efficient generation of solar energy, achieving energy independence and saving your costs our 3D solar towers with energy storages can be supplemented by charging solution for creating your own sustainable car park. Such a solution is most effective for companies that have parking business or fleet of plug-in electric (PHEV) and all electric vehicles (EV) as the taxi service providers, delivery service, post offices and other.

Adding electric vehicles to your fleet can reduce fossil fuel use and emissions, and add to your overall energy efficiency.

  • Reach a level of autonomy
  • Produce much more energy and create stable micro grid
  • Power your remote industries and facilities
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase your property value
  • Effectively use the surrounding area
  • Cut your electricity bill
  • Protect your business from rising energy expenses
  • Decrease your carbon footprint
  • Establish your brand/company as a green leader
  • Boost employee and customer satisfactione

3D Solar Tower for Government

The Government must work to encourage the energy market to embrace smart technological solutions like 3D solar tower and energy storage. Modernising the electric system will help the government to meet the challenge of handling projected energy needs—including addressing climate change by integrating more energy from renewable sources and enhancing efficiency from non-renewable energy processes.

Highlights and benefits of using ultra-efficient 3DPV solar towers with high power and fast battery storage:

  • Resolution problems of energy security through renewable sources and minimise the risk of electricity blackouts
  • Reduce costs to consumers, cut carbon emissions and improve the efficiency of the entire energy system
  • Solar energy generation in the densely inhabited urban environments
  • Development of fast and public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (roads, highways, state enterprises)
  • More efficient land use and avoidance of reduction of cultivated land as well as the allocation of land with complex relief
  • Independent and stable energy supply of important military, communication, remote and strategic facilities (military bases, hospitals, warehouses, silos, research centers)
  • Improving the agriculture sector by using an innovative agrophotovoltaics concept for dual usage of agricultural land
  • Achieve sustainability goals and establish your city or region as a green leader

3D Solar Tower Utility-Scale

3DPV Solar Tower is a more cost-effective way to generate power with the Leclanche energy storage for additional savings. Wiocor Energy can offer solar energy generation and storage technology to provide reliable power at a predictable low rate that’s competitive with conventional generation.

The proposed solar tower for utilities consisting of 20 bifacial solar panels generates 8 times more energy than traditional flat arrays and requires 6 sq m per tower. Bifacial modules can be considered to maximise power output by generating additional energy up to 30% from the back face of the modules, depending on the albedo.

An ideal solution for large-scale applications is a combination of Wiocor Energy 3DPV solar towers with Leclanché’s Lithium-Ion based battery storage systems that allow stabilisation of the grid, offering very high-frequency response, and to reduce the colossal wastage of energy.

Reliable energy source, reliable investment

  • Modular and scalable 3DPV technology opens up new possibilities towards Terawatt-scale solar energy generation
  • Raise the energy yield and create stable microgrid
  • Use fewer solar panels and less square meters of area to produce the same amount of energy output as for flat arrays
  • Ability to use the new areas for installation: complex terrain, hilly and mountainous, the northern regions, floating platforms and vessels
  • Achieving significant savings and rapid return on investment

Comparison for 1MW solar plant:

Annual energy produced, GWh/year


PV modules, N
Flat Bifacial
3D Tower

Total area of the plant, m2

20 000

Flat Bifacial

14 300

3D Tower




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