Anonymity doesn't exist: Proton Mail Discloses User Data Leading to Arrest in Spain.


🗝So is there privacy and anonymity or is it a tool to catch everyone who acts against the system?

DON’T USE A RECOVERY EMAIL THAT’S LINKED TO YOUR REAL IDENTITY. Of course, there can be no talk of any anonymity, especially since the service is from such public companies located in a certain jurisdiction. The back doors or just a certain interest in your personality, the activities that you conduct and hide, it doesn’t matter, such services are created and/or controlled from a certain point in order to identify people in the shadows who are trying to hide something for some reason. When you are in the shadows, it means you have something to hide, it means you should be watched more than others, you attract more attention to yourself. Besides, you go into their hands to keep your own secrets.

RestorePrivacy article: Proton Mail Discloses User Data Leading to Arrest in Spain #protonmail #privacy #opsec

Proton Mail has come under scrutiny for its role in a legal request involving the Spanish authorities and a member of the Catalan independence organization, Democratic Tsunami.

Proton Mail is a secure email service based in Switzerland, renowned for its commitment to privacy through end-to-end encryption and a strict no-logs policy. In 2021, Proton Mail faced controversy when it complied with a legal request that led to the arrest of a French climate activist. Under Swiss law, Proton Mail was compelled to collect and provide information on the individual’s IP address to Swiss authorities, who then shared it with French police.

Judge García-Castellón wants to investigate a Mossos police officer in the Tsunami case. Spanish judge wants to know if the alias 'Xuxu Rondinaire' was used by a Catalan police officer.

"Specifically, one of the people under investigation, the Girona businessperson Josep Campmajó, spoke to the figure named Xuxu Rondinaire, with profile @marietadelulllviu, about mobilizations in 2019, using the Wire messenger app. The judge has asked for the identification of this person, information now obtained by the Civil Guard, which details that they used Europol to ask the Swiss authorities for the Wire firm to identify the person behind this pseudonym, with a profile that is also used in Proton Mail, an encrypted email system. In the police cooperation form requesting the information, the Spanish officers indicate to the Swiss authorities that the investigation is for the crime of terrorism."

Seth For Privacy | #FreeSamourai @sethforprivacy: Everyone hating on @ProtonPrivacy and saying to cancel subscriptions is missing the point entirely.

This case actually proves how powerful Proton Mail is, not the opposite. Europol brought a court order to Proton, and the most Proton could provide was the user's recovery email address (which obviously Proton has to be able to see to send recovery emails).

If the suspect had used Apple or Google for email and Europol had gone to Apple or Google, they would have disclosed their entire email history among many other details. The vital difference with Proton is that they built an architecture that minimizes the amount of data they have on any user for privacy reasons. That architecture was proven in this case, not disproven.

If you have an extremely targeted threat model (i.e. you are a dissident or activist), simply do the following:

1⃣ Don't link any recovery contact info

2⃣ Use a non-Proton VPN or Tor when accessing Proton Mail.

P.S. - no company is going to go to jail for your $5/mo throwaway email account. But all companies should limit the info they have on users like Proton has done.



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